Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What is Backlink and the 100% free Backlink softeare for SEO

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Hallo, I am going to tell you about Back link and its tools .It is a vital point to gather visitor or viewer for your web site or page. To make link building, Back link is main way. So we should know about Back link,

What is Back link:

Back links enable you to keep track of other pages on the web that link to your posts. For instance, suppose Alice writes a blog entry that Bob finds interesting. Bob then goes to his own blog and writes a post of his own about it, linking back to Alice's original post. Now Alice's post will automatically show that Bob has linked to it, and it will provide a short snippet of his text and a link to his post.
We can back link in various kinds of way.  As like blog comment or web 2.0 properties. When we submit a blog comment or submit a post that time we submit an encore or link for your site by your key word. It is make a back link for your web site and it can be a way to collect visitor. There are some free tools to know about back link of your site and you can make next stapes.

Free back link submission:

We can make back link by various ways. To do social bookmark, blog comment, web 2.0 etc. it is the best way to create a strong back link. But we can also make back link by using some software. Most of them are payable.

Free back link checker:

1.       Back link watch
2.       Analyze Back link
3.       Ahrefh
4.       Open site explorer

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Monday, September 16, 2013

What is Meta Tag and How can we Create this for a web site

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Hi, now I am going to talk about Meta tag. Meta tag is a mirror of a web site or page. A visitor or viewer can know and thing about in your web site. The visitor when search about a key word then the search engine make a list .Every site has a small description, it’s called Meta tag
What is Meta tag:

Meta tag is a HTML description for a web site. In this description there are a small discus for this site, Who create this and the reason. The meta tag provides information of a web page and site. It contain the information , who made the page , what it about , and which keywords represent the page.

How can you make a Meta tag :

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

What is KEYWoRD in SEO and the best KEYWORD tools:

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Hi all of you, in my article now I am going to talk about KEYWORD. KEYWORD is the core or main subject of your page or web. By this KEYWORD tour page or web side is face in search engine. In seo key ward is the main. If you make a good score in search engine you should chaise a specific key ward. The origin subject , which subject is your research its called KEYWORD.

For select KEYWORD you can use some tools , which can help you to select the best KEYWORD. To select key ward , fast select a topic, then search in a search engine. Analysis the result , and after that you can finally select a key ward.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What Is SEO(search engine optimazion), What Kind Of Tools Are Used In It

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Hi guys, In this article I am going to talk about SEO (search engine optimization) and what kind of tools are used in SEO.

What is SEO:
As we know, SEO(search engine Optimization) means to process to improving the value or visibility of a web site or web page and also making  it more attractive to the search engines. The main work of SEO is to make place your web side of web page in top position. When a user search by a key word, that time search engine make a list of web page or web side list. The list is making by the value of page or the most link pages. Which web page or web side has more links, more page rank and
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